Juniper disease identification

Easy to understand video on rust put up by Ryan in the Mirai Live library last week. Thanks Ryan/Sam.

So for the benefit of this post, Cedar/juniper rust (Gymnosporangium fungus) begins on the Cupressaceae family primarily junipers on year 1, them on year 2 in warm wet Spring it grows that orange gelatinous growths which spread spores over long distance infecting new leaves on the Rosaceae/apple developing nodules in spring producing spores in the summer spreading up to a mile away landing back on the juniper forming nodules over the fall, producing the spores again in the spring to be spread on the apples, hawthorn, etc.
In practice, one should remove the nodes before becomes spores in the juniper and rusty dots on the apple tree plus spraying fungicides like mancozeb and Bayer Fungus Fighter Concentrate, particularly in spring and summer.
I wonder how the Juniper get that fungus in the first place?
I hope Mirai make more and longer videos on these important diseases and pests.