Huge acer palmatum Yamadori

hey guys,
Ran across this amazing acer palmatum witch i believe is a Viridis looking at it s leafs, but not 100% sure. What do you think?

I am planning to chop the trunk about 1 foot from the base once the tree is fully recovered.

I guess i would like your opinion advice on how you would proceed with the formation of this tree? This thing is huge! Just to give you a reference of the nebari the pot which i ve planted it in measure 45cm(18 inches) in diameter.
Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!!!


Viridis is a weeping dissectum with a light green leaf, yours doesn’t look like a dissectum or a weeping form.

To be fair, you’re probably lucky it isn’t. I had a large viridis in the ground that had major branch die-back every year in the fall.