How to cultivate a good honeysuckle bonsai

I collected these trees from a lot down the street from my house this spring. They are the closed thing I have to yamadori. As you can see they not the usual honeysuckle. Cats were scratching on these, so I plan to remove the bark. A tree fell on the thick hollow one that is bent over. One is twisted like rope. I have no idea how it got that way and I have never seen a honeysuckle like it. I thought the 3rd had a cool base so I dug that one up too.

I know these trees are quite vigorous but how to cultivate them into good bonsai, I have no idea.

Any help is welcome.

Honeysuckle are basically weeds - extremely robust in terms of staying alive. But my experience is that while they are hard to kill, wiring a branch succeeds only about 60% of the time. The rest of the time the entire branch dies! Sometimes another bud appears near the original branch, and sometimes not. I found honeysuckle easy to air layer, but hard to style. Roots grow very fast. You’ll probably end up with lots of deadwood. Whether a well-shaped canopy can be achieved with this species is unclear to me.

After recently acquiring a number of honeysuckles, l find that l am having the same problems with some of the wired branches dieing and usually the thinner ones (1/16" diameter). The branches over 1/8" seem ok. l plan to be more gentle with future attempts by trying to “guide” the branch rather than trying to bend it too much. l have had similar problems with potentilla.