How do you keep your moss alive over the summer?

How do you keep your moss alive over the summer?
It grew so nicely here over the winter, but even in the beginning of spring humidity is at 44% and the moss is getting dry and yellow.

I don’t. Desert weather here in summer. Inland Pacific NW. 10% humidity and 90F summers. Some of my surface moss plantings survive, some dont. Mostly, my trees are crazy health lately using the Mirai surface treatment…
I try to grow moss trays in the shade, in regular composted dirt.
Mist hourly?
Bonsai on!


haha. well “mist hourly” seems a bit problematic, if you want to keep your job :smiley:


Shade cloth after >85F. Seems to help. Mine is currently 60x 20 feet+, with afternoon shade from a building and noonish shade from a large maple tree.
Timed water misters?
Astro turf?

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For me, it doesn’t seem to die, just go dormant. Once the weather gets wet again, everything comes right back.


I live in Southern California and it is hard to keep my moss alive without daily misting . The trees with moss I have that are in “dapple” sun do better than my full sun trees.


The most hourly thing can be done depending on your job. If you earn enough you can afford an apprentice, also called watering drone.

In other cases, depending on your garden set up you could use automatic irrigation systems. In Germany though I believe if your moss dies, your tree was too dry also.

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I’ve been able to do ok with moss staying alive in the Summer, but I noticed that using a more water retentive mix, shade cloth, protection from afternoon sun and wind (which we have 10+ mph literally EVERY. DAY.), and watering more all needed to be done to accomplish this.

Edit: I’m in Southern California in Mojave Desert.

I had a pomegranate that I layed a small layer of Akadama on top then the moss (how Ryan topdresses) and I had it under a 70% shade cloth (not ideal, but all I had atm) during the HOT summer when we can go over 100°(June, July, August) and I had an 1/8" drip system with spot spitters that basically misted the whole area 3 times a day for 3-10 minutes (like 10am 5 minutes, 3pm 10 minutes and 6pm 3 minutes I think) and I would come out and water additionally and check on individual plants when I watered. I was able to cultivate a GREAT moss covering on my pomegranate except when I added piles of Dr Earth.

Definitely possible, just not sure if going through the trouble is worth it for others. Also my alkaline water made for ugly leaves with limestone deposits, but hey, can’t have it ALL now can we?!

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Morning sun, afternoon shade. I save the fines from soil sifting to grow moss in flats. My wife has a moss garden…pretty easy to grow your own. Either in a flat or in a low traffic area on a deck in pots or disposable pans bought at the dollar store.
It does take some effort, but the reward is great.