Help Identify Needle Problem-Japanese Black Pine

Hi everyone, can you help me identify this problem? It looks like it could be blight?

I’m thinking of spraying them with copper fungicide.



Based on the yellowing tips, it looks like over watering or a root health related issue. In all of those pictures I only see one needle (pic 3) that looks like it has the banding associated with a fungal issue. Reduced root health due to imbalance of water and oxygen can also increase susceptibility to needle cast and other diseases.


Did you figure out the problem? If so what did you do?

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Dothistroma. It has been a long battle. It got real bad but it is doing better now. Lost a lot of needles. A combination of paying a lot more attention to watering, copper spray, and daconil. I think there are some videos here that talk about needle cast/dothistroma.

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