Heat Bed Construction?

Update on how the cables are working from your latest feature video?
What brand of cables? Are they “Phytotronics” brand from the Greenhouse Megastore.
I read some reviews that some people had them work for a short period of time, of course not sure if they were installed incorrectly.
I am currently using a seedling heat mat and would like to construct a heat bed in my greenhouse.
Would love to hear an update @CARDOZA @ryan


One more question, in the stream Ryan mentioned some trees may be immersed in the bed, others may sit on top of the pumice. If the goal is to get that temperature differential between the roots and the air temperature to aid root growth, under what circumstances would you want to leave the container sitting on top of pumice?


A related question: would the technique of using heatbeds in winter also apply to broadleaf decidous in the same way as conifers?



Hi there!

I know this thread is from quite a while ago, but I am going to attach a screenshot of communication I had with Ryan and Troy about the current brand Mirai is using as a heat bed heating source. The cable system that had been used in the most recent heat bed construction video failed that winter, and the company actually went out of business as well because of faulty products. The attached photo gives you the brand name and info regarding the current materials we use for our heatbeds now; these were messages exchanged with the one and only Troy!



Thanks Eve and Troy,
That is basically what I am using.
One question, are the heat mats buried in pumice like the heat cables from the video for heat bed construction?

@MtBakerBonsai Indeed they are!

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where is this video found?

In the library: https://live.bonsaimirai.com/library/video/heat-bed-construction

Thank you and I am starting my build!

Thanks mate I found it. :+1: