Grow Lights for Bonsai?

Hi all,

For much of the year, I have my handful of tropicals under indoor grow lights. I am wondering if others have had great success with a particular brand or type. At the moment I use these ceiling mounted LEDs ( They seem to do an okay job keeping plants alive. However, some of my tropicals seem to like the lights better than others (and they don’t have strong growth). After reading Jerry Meislik’s book I thought my indoor setup would keep my tropicals moving right along, but I’m guessing my lighting might be off. Curious to know what others think.


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This one looks pretty decent. I have some from hydrofarm agrobrite that have worked really well for the last few years.

In addition to the brand and power of the light there are other considerations. How close to your light are the plants? How many plants are sharing the space?

I have an 8 bulb t5 fixture that covers each 4x4 area really well. Its on an adjustable hanger so I can move it up and down to be as close to the plants as possible.


Thanks for the insights here!

Like Bentleythekid I have a pair of Agrobrite lights hanging on Jumpstart frames for the few Trops I have. Just a note every few years it’s good to change out the bulbs on those types of lights. Your system looks like you would not have to deal with bulb swaps.
Amount of lumens, length of time under lights, and how close to the lights are the 3 considerations I keep an eye on.

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I keep all sorts of tropicals under my spider farmer lights all winter and they love it. The nice thing about the full spectrum lights is they work with all plants. Spider farmers also have a knob to adjust the power level so you don’t need to mess around moving them up and down. The downside is the lights are pricey, but you get what you pay for.