Ground layering a blue atlas cedar?

Hi folks. Inspired by the blue atlas cedar stream, I picked up a nursery stock one recently. Should have waited for the freezing weather to pass so I could have checked it out the nebari before I bought, but here we are. I found some inverse taper just below the soil line, and am considering my options. I was going to repot it into a pond basket in the spring to thicken up the trunk. Is it likely the inverse taper could disappear as the trunk thickens? Or is trying to ground layer it a better option?

The inverse taper is apt to be the graft junction. If it is close to the nebari the lower trunk will thicken to reduce the inverse taper. Most blue atlas cedar are grafted on to a stronger root stock so it will grow slightly faster than the grafted portion.

Then the thickening in the pond basket is definitely the way to go. :+1: