Grafting diffrent trees together

I understand the concept of grafting trees together like black pine on podarosa viseversa ,but dose the tree become a hybred and if it produces seeds dose it become a new species

I believe the seeds and fruit (if it’s a fruiting tree) will be genetically like the scion part of the graft, and I believe that’s true whether it’s a foliage graft, like black pine on ponderosa, or a trunk graft like a miyajima white pine (which has black pine rootstock).

But part of the reason trees are grafted is that we do want characteristics of both trees. The top produces the foliage/flowers/fruit that is desired but the roots are hardier and/or more vigorous. And that hardiness/vigor affects the whole tree after they’ve been grafted together.

Japanese Maple cultivars are almost always grafted when you find them in the nursery because the roots of many cultivars are far too challenging for most people.

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But dose it be come a hybrid or new species of tree

It’s not a new species