Foemina Juniper Repot timing: should or shouldn't do it right now?

Hi folks,

I have a Foemina Juniper forest that’s been in this swallow pot for at least 2 years and Id like to have it repotted this year. I’m based on SoCal where temperatures now ranges from mid 50s to mid 60s, also I have noticed its buds swollen and already started to elongate a little bit for the past 2 weeks.

That said, should I have it repotted at this time of year - early/mid spring time or wait until early summer and hav ii handled like a needle juniper?

Hagedorn suggests to treat them like needle juniper. I repotted mine mid-April last year, but I had to. I purchased it from a store and it was pretty loose in its container. It didn’t skip a beat.

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That’s interesting to know, it seems there are different ways to approach Foemina then

I’ll be styling mine for the first time this year. I plan on doing it earlier June. I need to rewatch the rigida stream.

I remember Ryan mentioned in the rigida stream Foemina has mature foliage if u let it grow and personally I found curious this post on instagram about a foemina showing all mature foliage. Never realized it would be looking at some point like in the post.

Interesting to know the outcomes from your side based on the replication of Hagedorn’s approaching foemina as needle juniper :slight_smile: