First time showing at club

This past weekend I was at my local clubs Spring Show (Alabama Bonsai Society). I entered a tree in the novice category and won 1st place in evergreen confier! I was on the fence about entering but some of the other members encouraged me and I am very glad I did. I asked for help with display prep from our local professional and he really went above and beyond to lend me items and help get everything setup. It was a great experience and finally got to meet a majority of the club. I styled the tree with inspiration from Ryan’s Dwarf Alberta Spruce stream and it was very unique compared to all the other trees in the show. I was amazed at how many comments I got on it. It even got several people to decide to sign up for our club and give bonsai a go. If I wasn’t hooked before I definitely am now;) I highly encourage anyone thinking about showing their trees for the first time to jump in and try it!


Congratulations! Way to go :smile:

Congrats! I had a similar experience at my club’s show as well this year. We were having a hard time getting enough trees in the show so I offered mine at the last minute. It was a mad dash but it was really rewarding in the end. I definitely want to echo your statement that anyone thinking about showing a tree for the first time should jump in and participate.

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Hey that’s great! I think the tree looks awesome. Nice pot and I love all the moss. It’s hard for me to grow moss in Utah, I always admire a pot full of moss. Good luck with your next show!