Fertilising flowering and fruiting species

I would like to make sense of the process of fertilising the wide range of fruiting and flowering trees. From Persimmon and pomegranate to lilac and wisteria through crab apples etc. there is a wide variety in the times of the year for the various stages of growth such as leaf bud, flowering and fruiting and I am not clear about the underpinning horticultural processes and how the various fertilisers make a contribution to peak growth I would be grateful for any help and guidance that you can give me.

Thanks for all the other guidance.


Well, welcome to mirai… I would treat the wisteria a little different to all of the others, because it is a legume. When you repot it you will see nodules on its roots, which are the nitrogen fixid rhisomes. I dont give mine and nitrogen food. It is the only bonsai I give a chemical high potash feed. But perhaps someone might have a better suggestion for that which is more organic.


Thanks Robin. I have a beautiful wisteria and it is just coming into bloom in the next month. It’s interesting what you have said about the 0-10-10 and high potash type fertilisers. What about timing? I usually wait until flowering is over before starting to feed and then again in the approach of autumn ( fall )

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That sounds about right, I dont feed the wisteria very much. The other thing with my wisteria is it stands in water, seems to love its feet very wet, and is the only tree also that is perminatly wet. Hoping that there was not a frost last night or ot will have knobbled the big buds on the wisteria too, as I did not move them into a more sheltered location.