Dwarf Jade Repot

Just repotted this dwarf jade, love the movement.

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I love jades, cause they dont take long to fill in, and they are really forgiving. Fertilize them well, and they back bud with no problem, too.

I like the color choice for the pot. It will make the foliage really pop.

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Just as a general question… when is best time to repot portulacaria…, do they tolerate heavy root prunes?

In Florida now Is a good time . They do tolerate root pruning.

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Spring is always best, though I’ve propagated cuttings all year round. You can also take off a bunch of roots. The key with repotting these is to watch the watering. It’s really easy to get rot if you water too soon after repotting.

I typically wait until until the leaves stay to wilt, or until I see new growth. Typically about a week. I keep it out of the sun that week. It will drop some leaves, but recuperates quickly.

This article had great advice on how to care for them. Taught me everything I know about Jade’s.