Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

I got 16 of these dwarf Hinoki Cypress. Chamaecyparis Obtusa “Chirimen

I lm going to make a forrest, and need to pump them to at-least 2 ft tall.

Several options for best rate of growth.

  1. Container baskets with 1:1:1 and tons of fertilizer

  2. A mix of 70% organic and 30% pumice in container basket

  3. Plant them in the ground

  4. root control bags in ground.

I have

tried most of these methods and wondering what others are doing to get good results.


You get these at Bonsai-A-Thon?

I would say that root control bags with the 70% organic and 30% pumice would be ideal. Whether you can put them in the ground or not I still think they do the best job of producing the most fine root growth which is what absorbs water and nutrients.


A friend got them for me when she was at Bonsai A Thon.

Thats for the input I was already leaning that way.