Dawn Redwood Problem

Coarse sawdust rather, not wood chips.

@Garrett240 I was a little confused in that video regarding coarse sawdust. I don’t know that I’ve seen that product anywhere. Would sifted mulch be an acceptable substitute? Where might you find this sawdust?

Randy goes to a sawmill to get it, others have suggested hampster bedding sawdust, I have found it at a local lumber yard

If the hobby is about “killing trees” then I am definitely quitting right away…I don’t want to learn anything by killing trees…I just blame myself cause I didn’t educate myself enough before attempting to collect a tree, let alone what kind of tree I am even collecting. :grimacing: That’s definitely not happening again.

The problem is that I don’t have any “ground” in my house to plant in…not that much space in the backyard…the suburbs are usually concrete jungles.
Should I try to plant it like you said in a new pot with sawdust only?
I did watch that randy knight video and learned a great deal. If only I had watched it a few months ago. haha

Thank you everyone for your comments and help.