Coastal Oak Leaf discoloration

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve had a cluster of leaves, sporadic in distribution, develops these spots. Does anyone know if I’m dealing with leaf miners, heat stress, natural progression of oak leaves aging, or something else?

Thanks guys

It looks like heat stress to me, or heat stress + inadequate roots. Agrifolia seem particularly prone to do this where I am in south texas. It doesn’t mean the roots are unhealthy; I guess it’s more like there aren’t enough roots for the heat and sun. I only have 2 of this species, but I’ve noticed they both seem to do this the year they are repotted and then do it much less the following years.

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I would say heat stress too.

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Thanks guys!

That would make sense about the inadequate roots for the heat we’ve had this year too. It’s still in a recovery phase from being collected almost 2 years ago. Hopefully we’re past the worst of the heat!