Cherry Plum Handeling (prune-pinch-cut back)

Who knows were can i find more info about how to handle a Cherry Plum.
Prunus Cerasifera
As this prunus kind is growing very fast i wonder when and how to Prune, cut back (timing), do i pinch and more.
Special : when is the best timing to do this.
Thanks in advance.



I think you can treat those like any other prunus. Can do cut backs until June/July. Then hold off if you want the spring flowers. They are generally aggressive feeders so regular fertilizing through the growing season.

Wiring can be tricky as they tend to lack flexibility, I use predominately clip and grow with guide wire to pull branches into place.

Big cut backs, branch removal, and repotting is best after flowering in the late winter/early spring before they push growth.

I’m sure some others will chime in.


Treatment is pretty much the same for most prunus species, prune in spring after flowering, then let it grow 'till it hardens off and starts to get woody, then prune and or defoliate partially, wire.
Then let it grow again.
If you prune or wire to early there may be dieback.
Use guide wires for lowering branches since they are brittle. I usually only wire current years growth while it’s still greenish otherwise it will brake.
Here’s a video that I found usefull.
It’s about mahaleb cherry but should get you in the right direction.


thanks a lot for the help.
I can continue !!!

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thanks a lot.
I know what to do.
And not to do.

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