Birds and Top Dressing

You might put a viking helmet on the owl to make it look more intimidating? :grin: Hope it works to reduce pesky birds. I have applied nematodes this spring and hope for the best.


Have heard from friend that ordinary dummies works like 2 weeks and then birds just ignore it… Let us know how this techno owl works :wink:

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We had a large plastic owl on our chimney to discourage wood peckers from our cedar trim. The damage to the cedar dropped off and stayed low for years. The owl fooled our neighbors as well who would park by the road side to view and watch the owl perched peering into the woods behind our house. So even semi-intelligent animals can be fooled!! :grin:


It seems to work so far. Just hitting that two weeks mark. Fingers crossed that it continues to fool them. :blush::+1: