Acer campestre (hedge maple) next step

I acquired this hedge maple the beginning of winter this year and am wondering what should be the next action to focus on. Ive been feeding regularly and have done some pinching and pruning this spring, but I know there’s more important things to focus on. The tree has several little wounds on it that still need healing up. There bad swelling on a lot of the branches that I’m not sure how to go about correcting( either slowly remove bludgeon, or prune branches back hard and start from scratch?). Then there’s the Nebari. It has some beautiful buttressed roots, but then some larger flawed ones. Would I want to remove the ugly roots, or do an airlayer low on the tree? Next is the first branch on the tree. Not the prettiest thing to look at. I’ve considered either working it back and starting over, removing it, or possibly turning into a second trunk. Would love some thoughts and insight. Here’s the tree for you

) also we’ve been having a wet spring and leaves have yellowed in some areas with brown spots. Root related or over watering?


Nice tree, lots of character in the trunk and nebari, although a little one sided on the roots. It would be a shame to lose most of those branches and some of that character by a hard prune.

I have 2 hedge maples 1 in development and 1 very large one springing into life after being collected this year.

I have just finished watching the “Deciduous focus” video in the library for the second time. Ryan is working a large hedge maple for the second time. There is a lot of very useful information in the video.

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