About the Design category

Expand your concept of bonsai design from the traditional to natural. Unpack why certain bonsai forms are more impactful than others, challenge each other’s aesthetics. Share your design inspirations, get feedback about your design-direction, use the aggregate knowledge to figure whether or not to cut that branch you’ve been staring at.

Bonsai design is a diverse aspect of this artform - some examples of topics in this category could be:

  • Tree Critiques - post photos of your tree to receive a constructive critique from the community

  • Display Critiques - post photos of your display components, whether thats accents, ceramics, or stands, to get feedback about your display decisions.

  • Inspo - share your design-related inspirations, whether that’s architecture, or photography, or backpacking in the wild. Think about the influences on your engagement with this artform.

  • To cut or not to cut - Explain those pivotal design junctions with your bonsai, get feedback about where to go with the tree and whether or not to cut that branch.

  • Ceramic, Stands, Accents, oh my! - What to choose and why. This is the fun part of bonsai.

  • Design Theory - Color, line, form, harmony, tension, secondary, tertiary - where art and bonsai connect.

And many more topics that relate to the world of bonsai design!

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