Tree Studies - Tropicals

Inspired by another thread, this is a collection of trees in the wild to help us learn about tree species.

If a field trip to a certain species is out of the question, but you could use a little help from nature to inform your bonsai design and styling decisions, this is the place. You can search tree species using Ctrl+F.

If you’d like to add to the collection , please add a post with your picture(s) of the tree and the name of the species (include the latin if you can) so others can find it. Information like location, terrain (forest, coastal…), environment, age and size can be valuable if you know them.

Other categories: Pines, Junipers, Deciduous, Elongating,Broadleafed Evergreens, Succulents, Deciduous Conifers.

Happy studying!

This Australian Banyan (Ficus Macrophylla) doesn’t technically live in the wild, but in a botanical garden on the Azores Islands. That means the natural vegetation around it isn’t original, but it’s still a pretty stellar tree with incredible roots that grows rather uninhibited.


great tree. My co worker was just in the Azores and took a pic of that tree. My grand father was from Pico

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From Pico? Cool! Then I’m sure you’ll like these images: Tree Studies - Junipers

Feel free to add cool tree pictures to the study topics if you have them! :slight_smile: