American Akadama?

@bonsaibiddle “Why does everyone think Akadama is volcanic?”

Akadama is a volcanic soil - it is composed of partially to completely altered tephra deposits of volcanic ash and pumice. It’s parent material was derived from arc volcanics, probably andesitic in composition like those in the Cascades. Remnant pumice grains are apparent in several bags I’ve bought, but generally the pumice and ash are nearly completely altered


Strip-mining Mount Hood? You should be able to get a permit for that within a day. :wink:

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Ferndale, Michigan :raised_hand:t3:

@Kendall- I don’t know if this has been addressed anywhere else, but has there been any more information coming out of Ryan’s research into diatomaceous earth as a potential Akadama substitute? I remember his saying in the soil stream that it was one of the most promising materials as a potential replacement.


Ferndale, MI, or Calif.?