What would be easier?

A Western hemlock or Larch. I live in Bay Area by the coast


Love the Larch, it does well here by the coast but has a tendency to burn if it drys too much on a hot day. More foliage helps that

What do you mean by easier?

easier to manage / growth
Bill Daniels


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I’m not sure if western hemlock has any dormancy requirements, but being that it’s a coastal hemlock (of the two PNW Hemlocks) my guess is that there isn’t much of a dormancy requirement. It ranges down just a little bit into Northern California, along the coast, so I think there’s a good chance it’ll do well in the Bay Area

The growth is not as crazy as a larch. And much like the mountain hemlock, the foliage pads fill in very nicely.

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Western Hemlock would be ideal :+1:t2: