What soil mix would you use for a yew, and Europeann olive

What mixtures do you use in the soil mixies ?



For a yew i use 1.1.1 akadama pumice kiryu.
I don’t have an olive but I think Ryan said to use pure akadama.

I use 1-1-1 for both Yew and European Olive. I understand that European Olive prefer a drier environment, so I water my Olive less, than my other trees, and it seems to be doing fine.

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An already developed Olive will require less water, but a tree in development will use a lot of water.

I used to water my olives less than other trees and they were surviving but not thriving. I may actually have lost some because of that, over the years. I now water mine once per day most of the time (chopstick test), sometimes up to three times a day (when it’s really hot, really windy, or both). They’re rewarding me with abundant growth this year.

The smaller one is currently in peat/pumice/lava, the larger one is still in its field soil topped with lava… hopefully I will be able to repot it next spring after separating the multiple air layers. It is currently too heavy to lift out of the pot (~30 gallons pot, 7’ tall with a thick trunk base). They will both move to akadama/pumice/lava next year.