What shall I cut next?

I found a robust, small Austrian Black Pine at the nursery and felt it a good candidate for a practice tree - for styling and wiring. I dug down to find the nebari, and cut down the nursery container, and I feel like I’ve chosen the front. I cleaned out the old needles and did some fairly heavy cursory pruning to find the shape.

There were plenty of horrible whorls in there once some cleanup happened, and I pruned where I thought prudent to creating some shape and movement. I’m not terribly confident I made the right choices, and I left a number of branches that I know need to go, but here’s where we are now.

I’ve included a photo of the full tree, and one each of the left and right sides. I need some suggestions on the final cuts to make, before I start wiring. Again, this is just a tree intended for training and practice. I’m not trying to craft a specimen. If it ends up there in another 20 years, then I’ll assume we made some good choices.

Thanks for your guidance and wisdom,

I would take off one of the two branches to the left in the center picture. I would leave the one with the branching/buds closest to the trunk. I would then fertilize very well and pinch the strongest candles back by about half. That has resulted in lots of back budding on a couple of these that I am developing.

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