Weeds inter mixed with roots

I have a group planting of ginikos. Inter-mixed in the group are weeds picking the weeds have not helped.

Can I use vinegar brush the leaves of the weeds with out protecting the root system or better yet How would take out the weeds


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I have heard that. Supposed to work on mosses…Try it… let us know.
Check to see if ginkos are suseptable to roundup.
I PAINTindivedual weeds with 1:10 mix of roundup. Paintbrush. No drips.Takes a week. Dead to the root. My trees have NOT been affected. Mixed herd. No ginkos.
Mostly used on Irish moss and grass, if I can’t pull up ALL of the roots. Get the moss before they flower.
VERY satisfying…

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Please don’t use Roundup :-1:t2: I could go into a long conversation about why, but I won’t.
Just like being a bonsai practitioner, everything takes time. Just use tweezers and pull the weeds and with time they will be gone :+1:t2::evergreen_tree::metal:t2::grinning: