Sweet gum collection tip

I was rewatching the live stream on sweet gum development and realized some of the assumptions on collection differ from my observations and results so thought I would share in case it is helpful to others.
I am located in coastal South Carolina, sweet gum grow native here and are prolific. I have been collecting from the wild for a decade here, and sweet gum is one of those species that doesn’t follow the norms of collect at bud swelling ( at least in my climate). I have found that my success rate is significantly higher if I collect later in spring after leaf’s break, for me that’s late April or early May. Many colleagues in the South East have confirmed similar results - so if you’re planning to collect sweet gum you can push it back a couple weeks and potentially improve your success rate.

Do you find the same timing to be beneficial to repotting?

Yes, seems that the species works on a slightly later time schedule than maples, and other deciduous trees, at least in my climate here in South Carolina.