Social Distancing and Spring Repotting

Obviously Covid-19 is horrible and my heart goes out to everyone effected, but on a personal level social distancing happening during repotting season means I might actually get all my repotting done for once. :slight_smile:


Luckily I stocked up on soil components just in time. Now I need to make some more grow boxes, hopefully I have enough wood for that.

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While people were sticking up on tp I went and bought a half a dozen new trees and lots of repotting supplies.


I need more soil :weary:


I’m almost out of pots. Resorting to terracotta azalea pots for some of my nursery stock repots.


As I’m stuck at home and unable to drive to a nursery, I’m actually on top of my garden this year. I’ve mowed all the grass that is not currently underwater, collected trees, felled dead trees, …

I’m now waiting for the fuji cherry to finish flowering so I can repot it. sells bulk soil and has free shipping on orders over $100, just bought 5 gallons each of DE, Pumice and Lava. Should get here tomorrow :laughing:!

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I ended up getting two bags of double red line akadama and a bag of hyuga from $7.95 flat rate shipping which is nice. My ordered ended up being over $100 anyways, but I like not being forced to go up to that amount. used to have free shipping over $75 but have since changed that to $99.

Hi Everybody
I’m from Belgium. We are in lockdown. I have been working at home for 1 week now. I see the figures from Italy and today Germany … This is unreal! Italy 467 people died today! You guys in USA , please take this seriously, this virus is a killer!
Dear friends , please be safe!


I’m in Seattle and we’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now. Definitely taking it seriously. Hope everyone stays safe.

Yeah, I anticipate another 3 weeks of this. Definitely taking it seriously, but trying to live as normal a life as possible. It helps that I’m a software developer and I’ve been working from home half of the time already.

Time to do more wiring


Social distancing might have obliterated my repotting, and maybe my stomach for the hobby.
Im still supremely new to the hobby and was looking forward to participating in my regional club, as well as doing classes with a professional this spring.
All of that has been cancelled.

Time for all of us to step up and take advantage of distant learning opportunities. I’m missing meetings and professional instruction as well but I’m getting hands-on experience and learning. It may just take a few years to figure out where the mistakes are buried. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@MidwestAndrew it would be sad if you let this circumstance stop you exploring bonsai, if it has piqued your interest there are sufficient online resources for you to learn a tremendous amount in complete isolation!


Appreciate the encouragement.
Having only a nursery tree not ready for repotting left and all local garden centers shut down until further notice, I’m gonna have to wait another year to practice wiring and potting.

Sorry to hear that. Only you can decide how or if you want to continue. I’ve been spending my time just periodically staring at my trees and imagining what I’ll do next. I still have a number of trees that need to go into a pot or into the ground though.

Pandemic or not I’m approaching a phase where my actions are more based around caring for the trees that I have instead of going out and looking for more material. The care alone is super rewarding. Again, no one can tell you how to get through this. My only bit of advice is to find other rewarding aspects of the hobby.

Honestly, if being content with the trees that you do have is not enough then perhaps this hobby isn’t for you. I say that because at some point you’re going to hit critical mass in terms of the number of trees you can care for and the macro actions required by them. Find joy in the micro. Feeding. Watering. Experimentation. Observation. Reflection.


Andrew, my sympathies. We’re in lockdown too here in IN, so cancelled club meetings, no close-proximity working sessions - I get it. I’m a co-president of my club (Ft. Wayne) and trying to brainstorm workarounds, within safety limits.

May I suggest using this time for as much online learning as you can get in? Obviously you have a Mirai Live subscription, so the whole library is available, including all the Beginner series. There are also some worthwhile bonsai fora; two that I can recommend are Bonsai Nut and Bonsai Study Group. Blogs can be useful, too; I’ve learned some new things from a practitioner in Cádiz, Spain.

Best wishes. This too shall pass!


Just be thankful that you guys even have access to clubs. There are none around me.


Thanks for the shoutout Steve, but there hasn’t been any activity on BSG for months (only 1 post in the last 11 months). John hasn’t connected for close to 4 years, Wayne connected last month, Chris got out of bonsai altogether and I had an 8 years hiatus… I’ve just pinged Wayne, maybe we’ll end up reviving it :wink:

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