Sergio Cuan presentation

A presentation to the American Bonsai Association, Sacramento by Sergio Cuan includes a tour of his bonsai garden and a series of progressive photos of bonsai transformations. He discusses advanced bonsai techniques including peg grafting - his approach to Ebihara’s technique around 1:58.11.


I’ve watched over half of it and it. He does a good job of talking about the transformation of some of his trees over a few years. He even shows how he created good trees from ones he nearly killed due to horticultural experiments that went bad.


Thanks for sharing the presentation - Sergio presented at our club in Toronto - does great work.


I watched this video over the past few days, really inspirational. I highly recommend people check it out. His garden is incredibly beautiful, his trees are even better. Here’s his website for anyone who wants to take a quick look:


Thanks for the heads up and link. I’m not familiar with his work and love how he can turn a tree that I, as a beginner, would think of as “ruined” into something quite unique and beautiful. Very inspiring. Loved seeing his techniques, too.
Audree in Washington State


absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this! I knew of M5 Bonsai on instagram, but I didn’t know the personality or the intellectual powerhouse behind it. Sergio is now one of my favorite bonsai practitioners!

Maybe someday we can get Sergio to demonstrate at our Victoria Bonsai society?!

thank you for sharing this