Root Production or Stimulation

I repotted this Surinam Cherry and defoliated. It’s in sun for partial morning and shade the rest of the day. What can be done to help stimulate root growth?

I would have left the leaves on the tree for the exact purpose of root reinvigoration. Apart from full sun and appropriate watering you could place on a heat bed to warm the pot and substrate to encourage root growth. @BillsBayou would recommend root stimulator by miracle grow.
Where are you located? This would make a profound difference as to how I would handle the tree. Green house with heatbed vs outside w/wo heatbed.


With a heat bed the outside air temp should be cooler temps for the tree to stimulate root growth.

I’m in zone 9b, it’s on the high 60’s at night and high 80’s during the day. It would have dropped all if it’s leaves anyways.

Should be fine for now, and yes it would drop it’s leaves… However, early removal can severely impair the tree as it did not reaccumulate the resources within them and this is compounded by a repotting that likely resulted in some root removal. If it freezes in your area I would provide it with winter protection and avoid prolonged and/or deep freezes.

Miracle Grow Quick Start

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I’m in zone 9b, no freezing here.

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Organic fertilizer, maybe Dr Earths innoculant . Surface treatment… moss, to keep moisture in and the microbiom happy. Use the hormones sparingly.
Defoliation for leaf size control is years down the road…