Repot first vs. Style first with yamadori versus field-grown pines

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I was listening to “Field-grown pine pt. 2” video, and Neil says that he repots first and styles later when dealing with a field-grown pine, and conversely that he styles first and repots later when dealing with a yamadori pine.

Why is that?
Secondly, does this applies to all pines? Or just multi-flush pines?

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It’s due to the difference in the energy state of the two scenarios.

Field grown is going to be vigorous and we know it has a higher likelihood of surviving the repot process. Yamadori needs time to recover from the collection process. Styling allows the foliage to be laid out in the most photosynthetically efficient manner to aid in the recovery. Once the tree shows signs of being able to sustain and add new foliage, then we know it’s time to repot.


This is how I understand it.

There’s a plethora of roots in the recovery box, so go ahead and style to allow the roots to recover the foliage.

There’ll be more foliage than roots. Repot first to allow the foliage to recover the roots.

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