New Bonsai Garden

Some new updated images of the garden today. So happy with the way it’s starting to mature


Some new images from the garden today

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Looks fan-TASTIC!

strong work … i’m moving houses soon and will be doing a new garden as well - thanks for the inspiration!


I thought I would update this thread with how the garden looks. I also put in a picture of one of my favorite collected White Cedars.


Looks amazing, starting to mature really well.

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That’s a beautiful garden. I love that you not only have the bonsai’s but also that there are some flowers in there too. Was there a method behind the madness?

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Winter morning sunshine on the garden. Entering the fourth winter from when we started with nothing.


Very nice to see the progression Matt.

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The fourth winter sun shining on the garden.


What a dream. Excellent work!

I thought I would update this thread after a few more years of work. Bit by bit its looking better.


Another shot.


Amazing trees and garden!

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Dude your crushing it, looks absolutely amazing!

What type of crushed stone did you use on the ground

I just used pea gravel but if I was doing it over I would spend more time deciding on the stone because it is hard for me to walk on barefoot which is what I prefer.

That’s exactly why I was asking I have a spot that I have been waiting to finish because I didn’t want to go with pea gravel but I haven’t seen many other options… possibly 3/4 pond stone. I have it in the shallow end of my pond not bad to walk on but not great…guess more research is needed!

Hey guys,
with all the gravel and no vegetation holding moisture…doesn’t it get too hot and dry during warm spells?

Fingers crossed for all your gardens :four_leaf_clover: