New Bonsai Garden

Love your garden and location. I imagine you get quite a bit of wind coming up there?

You would be suprised how little we get. But we do get some now and then however we have never sustained any damage as of yet, fingers crossed it remains that way. Thank you for the kind remarks.

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A link to some pictures of the paddock garden we have been creating for just over a year. It’s been hard work and the environment here in Spain can be super hot making working in the garden through the summer quite challenging. Can’t wait for spring and the new growth to start again. I’ll update again after the winter.


What an amazing journey, and a very impressive job well done.
Your hard work is helping to inspire my own garden plans for the new year.
Thank you for that Nick. Keep it up.

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Thanks. We still have more to do. Slowly slowly.

The garden looking great as we head into early Spring here in Spain.


Now we are getting somewhere.!


all of these gardens are amazing!

And the gate made today!!!i couldn’t be happier with it


A video of a walk around the garden two years after we started with a blank canvas


Looks absolutely stunning! I love the large rocks and the pillared stands placed amongst them. Incredibly well done.

Thank you for you kind words. Still more to do but I’m really happy with it so far.

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Pillared stands sounds better than monkey poles. I wonder where that term originates?


Really marvelous transformation. What a lovely place to work on and enjoy your trees! Andalusia is one of the best places in the world.

Thank you. We are really in a paradise. Although all of Spain has been locked down today. More time with the trees. :wink:


Stay safe and healthy!

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Here are two pics from 2019. In the late fall I expanded the garden and have started to stain the fence. More pics to come once I get back to my garden.


That’s awesome. Love the fence.


Looking good!
Is that a Corten steel background in the first image?
And that timber upright is very dramatic!


Love this thread. Inspired.

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