Members locations?

I have noticed quite a few members do not have their locations.
This would be very helpful when you are asking for sources of supplies,
things that are happening with your trees, etc…
Thanks :evergreen_tree::metal:t2:


This should be the first question when trying to give anyone help. If they can enforce it on Reddit, of all places, we can enforce it here.


I always click on the members name to see where they live so I can give proper info and advice.
I think it should be mandatory.
@Sam What does the Mirai think about asking members to enter their locations in their profiles.

On Reddit, no one will answer your question until you’ve tagged yourself with your location. This sounds like a good policy to me.

DON’T: Where do you live?
DO: Happy to help you as soon as you put your location in your profile

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Hey all! First I want to say thanks for tagging me!! Makes it so much easier to find posts. Trying to get everyone into the habit :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea, but do want to respect the privacy concerns some members will inevitably have, particularly those that don’t often use the forum. I think for now the best way to handle this will be to just ask folks for their location when answering a question.

I will take this to Ryan & the team and discuss what can be done, but I don’t think we can retroactively make it mandatory to all members. I’ll keep you posted!

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Hey Sam, I did think that the “privacy” would come into play with some members disclosing their location.
One idea for geo-location would be, for example, I live in the Pacific Northwest. That way we don’t pinpoint members locations.

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