Mancozeb in the UK

Hello from Austria,
some of you asked Ryan about substitudes for Mancozeb as it seemed to
be not longer available in the UK and EU. I would have a look at Ebay ( There is a product
called DITHANE which is the same fungizide and it is still available!
Best regards!

Hi Volker,
Would like to know if it does the same job, I’m from France and can’t get it here either.
Hopefully you’ll find an alternative, if i do in the mean time i will let you know.
Stay Safe

Hi Matt, it is the same product, only an other name. I purchased
it while the UK was EU member. And as it has the same chemical ingredients
it works the same.

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I’ve just found this on an allotment gardening website:
As a point of order, it’s not banned , but withdrawn from sale. You have until 31 December 2020 for sale and distribution, and 31 December 2021 for disposal, storage and use. It is still available from certain places. Best to start looking for an alternative I think

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Hi there!
Too bad for me the 31st of December has past.
Do we know any of any alternative already?

Greetings from Austria.