Leaf Cluster Formation


Hello Ryan,

I have three Japanese maples and a cork bark oak bearing clusters of leaves, no runners. Grown from seed, 1994 and 2010, respectively. Several years now the leaves are growing tightly compacted, touching each other and close to existing branches and trunk with no new growth runners. What is happening? I have repotted them and found the roots rather lame and not what you would expect for the size and age of the trees. How can I overcome this situation?

George Haas

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Hey George,

If you want to get Ryan’s take on this, you’ll need to post the question in the weekly Forum Q&A topic: https://forum.bonsaimirai.com/t/forum-q-a-70-week-of-8-10-20/6726. They’ll record a video where he answers the questions which will then be released to the Library early the next week (sometimes sooner).


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Too late :smiley: . Looks like you got it!

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