Happy Pi Day! Today's theme is circular pots (occupied or not)

For Pi-Day, I thought it would be nice to share pots who’s circumferences are easily calculated by multiplying pi times twice the radius.

This is an early experiment in bonsai bondage and radio transmission. The tree was sold only as “A bald cypress that doesn’t produce knees.” No species info. I’m thinking it’s a Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum) but I don’t know the species well enough to say. Sadly, the tree fell in a windstorm and I could not save it. The pot is from Australia, Ian Glew told me the artist’s name, but I’ve sadly forgotten.

EDIT: If anyone cannot tell, this is long before I tightened up my wiring skills.


Shapecrete is fun stuff. Sorry to be late Bill…

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Shapecrete. Oh my. New toys. GAH!

Now my mind is racing to see how this can be applied to the projects that are backed up in my brain. Curse you moon!

Don’t worry about being late to Pi Day. I’ll be back on June 28 for Tau Day.

Apparently, using Tau (equal to 2pi) in equations makes all of the Pi equations much easier and more intuitive to use. Or so I read, yesterday.

Round pot Tau thread coming again in June, Baby!