Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

So I have this dawn redwood and it was doing really well until the repot. I used a highly reputable brand of bonsai substrate

It was doing fine until it got spidermites. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I will post more pics later.

I wonder if the complete bare rooting including what looks like washing made it more susceptible to the spider mites? I got some bare root seedlings last year and just spread the roots leaving as much of the original soil on them as possible. This more like having very dirty roots than real soil, but they did well.

That said, I would make sure the trees are well anchored in the pots so they don’t move and use a water spray to wash off the spider mites. Since you indicate that your trees are recently repotted and weak I would treat with one of the organic/natural spider mite sprays rather than a strong chemical treatment. Water when they start to dry and provide good indirect light until they start to show signs of recovery.

Now I need to decide how to convert my 1 meter tall by 6 -9 mm diameter whips into bonsai.

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All pics are from the repot.

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