Crassula Ovata question

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I have a Crassula ovata tree that was previously buried quite deep in a nursery pot. I’ve uncovered a lot more of the base, but the trunk has some carbuncles on it where roots were growing from. They’re rather unsightly and I’d love to remove them if it’s safe for the tree. Does anyone have experience with this and could provide me with some guidance? Thanks!

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Hi @JRaines,
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I have no (very little) experience with succulents, but I would assume you can treat the swellings like unwanted branches and cut them back cleanly to minimise scaring. They look like adventitious growth so may well start sprouting. Depending on your design, you may be able to use the “ugly” to accentuate the notion of age.

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Hi from South Africa! The Crassula Ovata is a pretty tough succulent, very similar in habit and response to Portulacaria Afra. Hold off on water for a week.Trim back the knobs with sharp branch or knob cutters, and then still don’t water for at least another week. This will allow the wound to dry and the tree to compartmentalize the cut without the risk of fungal infection at the cut site. Thereafter water as per your normal schedule for your area and substrate.



Good point of utilizing it to communicate age. I’d considered that, but they’re in such stark contrast to the smoothness of the rest of the trunk, which is why I’ve been leaning towards removing them.

Thanks for this information, Drew! This is just the information I needed :smile: One followup question: Would you recommend a concave cut, into the trunk, or try to keep the cut as flush as possible? Thanks!

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You can cut it flush. Crassula don’t callous as fast or as big as Portulacaria.

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