Cornus Sericea Baleyi

Not sure I spelled that right (google has no idea) but it’s commonly called red twig dogwood. Question I have is; has anyone had experience with this particular specie? Is it a good bonsai candidate? As always, your feedback is much appreciated.

I have red twig dogwoods in my front yard as low borders. I had considered them for bonsai, but I like the way they look in the yard after the leaves drop, the red twigs add color.

They respond well to pruning. Dennis V’s method might work well on them, or hedge pruning during development. Imagine a ramified bonsai with fine red twigs, very nice! The trunk has barked up already and is about 2-3 inches in diameter after 4 years in the ground. Leaves are 3-4 inches, they can get leggy, and are basally dominant. I have a rooted cutting that I plan to experiment on. I’ll grow it in the ground using a fabric pot, and use Dennis Vojtilla’s method.