Baobab Design Decisions

Hi Mirai,

I broke my baobab’s five month hibernation by giving it a splash of water and it’s back to business. My question for you is what should I do with the two lowest branches? I intend to grow the tree some more so I’m thinking I should clear them out and make the third branch from the bottom my defining branch. I am also of the mind that those two lowest branches are going to help thicken up the trunk so maybe I should keep them around for another year. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I know it can be hard to wait for a tree to develop because we just want to get hands on experience but considering how young the tree is, I think you should just wait a couple more years for the tree to develop more of a style and shape before chopping anything. Lean into what the tree is telling you more so than forcing the tree into a particular style before the tree actually develops. You can find a pot for it now and start developing the root system for it however. Now is the time of year to do it!

I agree. Let it grow for a couple of years before you start on it. It will be a pleasant surprise when you compare photos of now and when you start.

It sounds like the consensus is to practice patience, which is not surprising given the nature of the art form. I need to remind myself this is a multi-generational project.

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Exactly! I tell myself I’m investing into my 50s and on with all the tree I’m starting now.