Approach grafting Dawn Redwood

I have a Dawn Redwood, and I would like to improve the root base. It has decent taper from one direction, but looks very narrow in the other direction.

A few questions:
-Is this technique recommended?
-Use the same techniques as other species?
-Best timing to start?

Thanks in advance!


Why don’t you repot next spring and put it lower in the pot. It could well grow better roots without the need to graft

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@WestSeattleDavid What did you decide to do? Did you find out if this technique works OK on DR?
I have 5 DR in a forest… Never worried about the rootage spread. I guess it will be important when / if I break up the group. Have to repot this spring. Will look at the root spread…
Maybe I should… I will look tomorrow! I CAN buy saplings in the spring for approach grafts.

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